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Roller Shutter Doors

  • Quality Doors Powder Coating
  • Quality Doors Powder Coating
  • Quality Doors Powder Coating

Powder Coating

We offer a wide range of powder coatings from manufacturers such as Cromadex, Jotun, Trimite, Paramount and PSG including epoxy/polyester, epoxy and polyester finishes. Epoxy polyester powder coatings Epoxy polyester powder coatings are ideal for general indoor use and other applications where high UV stability is not required. Zinc rich epoxy coatings are also available as primer coats on phosphated or blast-cleaned steel objects and structures and when combined with a polyester top coat offers enhanced resistance to weathering and corrosion. Low cure coatings are also available which require lower oven temperatures and as such offer a cost saving, more useful on longer production runs. Polyester powder coatings Polyester powder coatings are ideal for external use where UV stability and weather resistance is required. Typical examples include architectural components, automotive trim, cladding, fencing, garden furniture and motor-cycles. Powders are available in a wide range of colours in gloss, satin, matt, aluminium and textured effects and can be custom matched to the user’s requirements. Epoxy powder coatings are ideal for industrial & engineering applications and have excellent chemical resistance and mechanical properties although are susceptible to colour breakdown under UV. Specialist high build coatings (500µm) are available for anti-corrosion applications. We now offer the Cromadex extra life range of coatings for external applications including architetcural metalwork. Extra Life is a programme of life expectancies that offers up to sixteen years external life on powder coating systems in terms of anti-corrosive performance. All coatings are available in a range of finishes:
All coatings are available in a range of gloss levels:
Full Gloss 90%
Semi Gloss 60%
Satin 30%
Matt 15%

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